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flower sticker by teggun ashleigh
flower sticker by teggun ashleigh

If one of my patterns or illustrations catches your eye, email me a screenshot/image of the design you’re interested in and let me know which product category you want to use it for (eg children’s apparel, fabric, homewares etc). I’ll then email you back to discuss licensing options and fees. Please note that all of my work is copyrighted and can’t be reproduced or used on any products without my permission or a licensing agreement.

My rates vary depending on how detailed the illustration is and the intended use of the image. It also depends upon whether the artwork will be licensed with my name attached to it (with the artist retaining the copyright to the work), or if you require exclusive rights of the illustration and transfer of copyright. If you already have a specific budget in mind please let me know upfront and I can assess what can be created in the price range for you. If you’re thinking of working with me and don’t know your budget yet/require a quote first, send me an email with your design brief. Also, please specify if you require exclusive or non-exclusive license and what the illustration is intended for. Providing all the info allows me to give you an accurate quote covering all deliverables and an estimate of the time involved.

• The first step is to email me your design brief, providing me with all the relevant information for your project, including any printing or size requirements and the design brief with inspiration, mood boards, colours and themes that you would like to use for your project. The more information provided the better, as it will help me to see your vision and craft the perfect design for you.

• Once the project brief is received I will review all the information and get back to you via email to confirm the budget and timeframe.

• Once the budget and timeframe is signed off by both you and me, I begin creating the designs.

• I will create a couple of variations of the design and send through the draft of the designs for you to choose from and sign off on.

• 2 x minor edits are included for free if required- but hopefully you love the designs! Any edits past the 2 will incur an additional fee.

• Once the designs are signed off by you, I will begin setting up the finished artwork/print ready files, and will send through an invoice for payment within 7 days.

• Once the payment is received the files will be sent to you via OneDrive or wetransfer, ready for use!

The initial drafts are emailed through as low res pdf or jpeg for your approval. Once you’ve signed off on the design I’ll send through an invoice, and once paid into my account the final artwork files are digitally delivered for you to download from upon receipt of payment. The standard files provided include the finished artwork/print ready files in Adobe Illustrator, plus a pdf or jpeg copy of the design for easy viewing. If other files are required these must be stated in your initial design brief/specifications prior to commencement of the design.

All of my patterns are already set up in seamless repeat for digital printing (not for screen printing, and not using Pantone colour unless specified).

Exclusive License: Exclusive designs can only be purchased once, and will then be licensed to you on an exclusive basis with an agreed upon timeframe (eg. 24 months). At the end of this period you will be contacted to discuss renewing or ending the license. Once the licensing term ends, I can resell that pattern to other companies.

Non-exclusive License: The pattern is licensed to you in your specific category (eg. fashion) but remains in my pattern library and can be licensed to other brands in other categories (eg. stationery, wall art etc). Non exclusive licences are for 12 months. At the end of the 12 month licence I will get in touch to see if you want to renew the licence for another year, if not the design will revert back to my pattern library.

Industry and/or Country Exclusive License: Is the same as an exclusive license, however instead of the pattern being fully exclusive, you can choose to keep it exclusive to your industry or country. For example, exclusive rights in Children’s apparel in Australia, or one or the other.

Yes, I’d be happy to create a new design similar to one of my previous designs, feel free to get in touch via email with a screenshot/image of the design you like and what you are planning to use it for- eg. Do you want to license it or buy it outright, what products will it be on, how long do you want to use the design for etc.

If you have an idea for an exclusive design that you’d like me to create, send me a brief and I’ll develop a print just for you.

Custom prints include:
• Artwork in seamless repeat
• 2 minor revisions if required, including minor colour and scale adjustments etc.
• The print ready files of your new design provided in Adobe illustrator format. Files are setup for digital printing, using both RGB & CMYK depending on the vibrancy of colour I am wanting. If you need the files in another format, please let me know.

The pricing depends on the complexity of the print. Please contact me with your project brief for an accurate quote.

Unfortunately no. I no longer do logos or branding collateral. However, if you are looking for an awesome designer, I highly recommend Elise at Elise Creates.

We are located in Australia, and currently ship our artwork and products to New Zealand, USA and Canada.

Shipping to other countries is our next priority to organise.

Please note: shipping fees may differ depending of the products purchased.