Fabric Hoarders Membership

Fabric Hoarders Membership

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A subscription that gives you access to truely wonderful and colourful fabrics!

Do you already own all the colourful fabrics you can possibly find?

Do you want to have exclusive prints for your products that help you stand out from the crowd, but don't have the funds to pay artist licensing fee's...

Do you have a print idea in mind, but don't know how to action it into something that can be printed and used?

Are you sick of showing up to craft markets and have others making similar products to you in the same print?

This membership is for those who dream of all these things and more!

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** Disclaimer **

Something to note before you join this membership

While this membership offers a more exclusive experience compared to my public pre-order library, it remains open to everyone. Please note, I can't guarantee that other makers or small businesses won't create similar products using the same print. To maintain privacy, I can't disclose what other makers have purchased.

Buying fabrics should be done at your own discretion.

Additionally, these patterns aren't entirely exclusive. If someone chooses to license the print outside the membership for their use, I have no control over that. My commitment is simply to not sell the prints on fabric by the meter.