Fabric Hoarders Membership

For those who love colourful, joyful and quality fabrics...

I don't want you to waste your time with boring fabrics...

This membership is for you if:
🌈 You dream of exclusive prints without breaking the bank...
🌈 You want the ability collaborate on prints you have been dreaming of but struggle to execute them...
🌈 You like requesting custom colour-ways of prints you love...
🌈 You love a good discount...

I've got you!

It doesn't have to be this hard to find more exclusive prints for you and your customer without paying $$$

Get prints like this

Fabric Hoarders Membership

A subscription that gives you access to truely wonderful and colourful fabrics!

Do you already own all the colourful fabrics you can possibly find?

Do you want to have exclusive prints for your products that help you stand out from the crowd, but don't have the funds to pay artist licensing fee's...

Do you have a print idea in mind, but don't know how to action it into something that can be printed and used?

Are you sick of showing up to markets and have others making similar products to you in the same print?

This exclusive membership is for those who dream of all these things and more!

What's included

  • Colourful exclusive prints every month!

    At the beginning of each month you'll receive access to a library of exclusive prints.

    There will be 3-5 new prints added every month, but they will only be available for 3 months.

    These prints could be exclusive colour-ways of some of my most popular prints, or they can be totally new and exciting prints, never seen before.

    BUT, whatever prints released here, won't be available on fabric by the metre anywhere else for 2 years.

  • Great discounts, early access and more

    Not only will you receive exclusive prints, but you will also get an awesome 10% off ALL purchases when using the code.

    You'll also get early access to new releases, whether it be fabric or other products.

    I'll run private giveaways, secret scavenger hunts, mystery bundles.

    Oh the goodies are endless.

  • A private form for print and colour-way suggestions

    I'm here to serve you, and provide you with the most colourful and joyful prints you could imagine.

    After speaking to many small business makers, I know that one of the most frustrating things is having an awesome idea for a print but no way to execute it into something that can be printed.

    But, I am here to do just that! Every month, I will choose a submission to illustrate and collab with you on, to release in the following months print release! How cool!!


As a bonus, when joining the Fabric Hoarders Membership, you will receive a FREE sample pack, to touch and feel alllllll the fabric bases.

AND each time I add a new base, I will send you that one too 😍


Your questions... answered

If you have a question that hasn't been answered, please shoot me an email!


Yes, in the customer portal, you will be able to manage your membership.

If you cancel, you will be removing yourself from the membership and will not be able to order any membership exclusive prints.

Yes, you are welcome to pause and restart your membership as you want, however while you are paused, you will not be able to order any of the membership prints.

Short answer, no.

There is nothing I can do to stop you from sharing the link, but it is severely inconsiderate to others around who pay for the opportunity to be apart of the membership.

If I do find that you have shared the link, you will be removed from the membership effective immediately without refund, no matter what membership plan you hold.

Unfortunately, that is the gamble with a membership like this. I cannot guarantee that you will like all the prints, however if you like my style and 'vibe', you won't be disappointed.

Alternatively, you can contact me through DM or email and we can chat about your concerns.

In this membership, you get 3-5 prints per month. The number of prints depends on the value of prints are being offered.

No. This is not a membership where you get the pattern files.

The membership is to gain access to a more exclusive range of my prints.

Kind words from other members

  • “It's been such a joy to be part of your membership the past few months and I am so excited to be following you on your next journey with your fabric creations. Not only do I love your style of art, but the fabric bases you have chosen are just devine! I am looking forward to keep working with you on our outher projects through your portfolio as you are a gem to work with.”

  • “I joined Teggun subscription way back in May 2023. I loved that I had sneaky access to these gorgeous prints and that Teggun gave us input into what was chosen/ drawn for each month! 😱 The exclusivity is a main draw card for my business so having that ability to guarantee customers that it’s a limited print is something that adds to the uniqueness of my brand. Also the colours and print style is just amazing! I am always on the edge of my seat wondering what she is going to come up with next! If you are on the fence about joining… don’t! DO IT! Plus Teggun is so lovely that if you do have any questions or concerns that they will answered/ sorted in a flash πŸ˜‰”

  • “I loved being part of Teggun's monthly subscription. It's like having a surprise hit of colour and happiness pop into my inbox once a month. Never knowing what I'd receive, but it's always dopamine inducing, bringing all the happy vibes. Without fail, the designs were quirky, unique, and screamed colour!”


** Disclaimer **

Something to note before you join this membership

While this membership offers a more exclusive experience compared to my public pre-order library, it remains open to everyone. Please note, I can't guarantee that other makers or small businesses won't create similar products using the same print. To maintain privacy, I can't disclose what other makers have purchased.

Buying fabrics should be done at your own discretion.

Additionally, these patterns aren't entirely exclusive. If another business chooses to license the print outside the membership for their use, I have no control over that. My commitment is simply to not sell the prints on fabric by the metre for the specified time.